Scientific Publications with SunSniffer:

SunSniffer has been used and applied in diverse scientific projects and experiments and underwent exhaustive testing. Here you can find a selection with relevant scientific publications:

• Analysis of digitized PV-module/system data for failure diagnosis, HI ERN Helmholtz Institut Erlangen Nürnberg, 2019

- Paper HI ERN, with short introduction

• Light-induced degradation newly addressed - predicting long-term yield loss of high-performance PV modules, Fraunhofer CSP/PV Tech, 2017

- Paper Fraunhofer CSP

• Comparison of drone-based IR-imaging with module resolved monitoring power data, ZAE (Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research), 2017

- Paper ZAE, with short introduction


Data Mining Methods for Failure Classification on PV Modules under Field Conditions, Solar Computing Lab - FH Bieldfeld, 2016

- Presentation

- Paper Solar Computing Lab

A New Generation of PV Monitoring System with High-Grade Remote Diagnostics Based on Module Level Monitoring and Integrated Yield Simulation, NEXT ENERGY - EWE Forschungszentrum für Energietechnologie, 2015

- Presentation



Dr. Oliver Everling in 2015 published the book "Cleantech Rating: Investition und Finanzierung von Cleantech - Unternehmen und Projekte" - one of the chapter is about photovoltaics and SunSniffer: "Solar 2.0 - Mit Transparenz in eine neue Anlageklasse".

You can order it here:
Cleantech Rating