Our module precise remote monitoring system allows a complete different O&M:

  1. Performance reductions are detected instantly
  2. It is immediately apparent, where the problem is located, and what kind of problem it is - remotely

Each module with defective diodes, PID, shadings or other problems is visualized in our Webportal. E.g. hot spots can be detected by drone flyovers with IR cameras as well, but SunSniffer® additionally offers precise and fully-automated analysis of this error.

Plant operators or installers receive comprehensive and easy to understand analysis of a plant, at home, in office or mobile, and can decide instantly on specific actions to be taken: clean a module now or later, change a module or just a diode, etc - without expensive on-site inspection by an expert. Work load and work time are reduced significantly. And: level of charges for our Webportal equals mere inverter portal charges.


SunSniffer® offers precise status analysis of a plant. The essential part of a plant are its modules, and SunSniffer® controls them every 30 seconds, as well as strings and inverters. This leads to an overall picture of the plant which is optimal basis for risk management. Potential threats and deviations to target figures are recognised immediately.


Detecting errors instantly enables fast correction and reduces downtime to a minimum. Unspecific maintenance services of the whole plant are superfluous, repairs can be conducted specifically and punctually as required. This saves costs. But additionally, SunSniffer® makes plants more efficient: each impairment can be avoided or remedied, the plant runs always at its optimum. Thresholds for alerts can be adjusted individually - to coordinate service efficient and only when needed. This ensures higher yield of 7% or more.


With SunSniffer® the plant performs more efficiently and even the smallest threats are noticed and identified, like hot spots etc. The plant can be operated to its maximum potential over its whole lifespan. The investment is secured sustainably.


SunSniffer® measures temperature and voltage in a plant module precisely with a measurement deviation of <1% - more precise is hardly possible. Errors are analysed by an artificial intelligence which learns to recognise and identify even unknown errors. In our Webportal performance data and irregularities are displayed clearly and plainly, and in case of defects together with detailed solution or repair advice.


Together with current, voltage and temperature of each module, the modules individual flasher data feeds into the analysis. Our simulation engine is able to determine the exact target figure of each module. By determining the precise module temperature through measurement, falsifying influences like wind etc. can be subtracted. This enables determination of the plants performance ratio even for shortest periods of time.


No technical jargon, no endless columns of figures, no specialist knowledge to be interpreted: with SunSniffer® the necessary information is provided according to the specific, individual requirements. You receive fast, comprehensive and reliable plant evaluations.


Interfaces can be defined specifically depending on the individual demands. Users can specify format as well as contents according to their needs and receive the wished data processed in the desired format at the push of a button.

Beginning of 2017 the NEC standard became effective in USA, corresponding interfaces have been specified - with SunSniffer® you are always a step ahead!