The Cardiovascular System of SunSniffer: How Does the Hardware Work?

In our junction boxes a sensor is factory-integrated. It measures voltage and the temperature in the junction box and passes the values over the existing wiring (powerline) to the string readers. These also measure the voltage and the current of each string and pass this data together with the data from the sensors to the gateway. There the inverter data is also read and all the information is sent together to the web portal, where it is comprehensively analyzed and processed into an easily comprehensible form.

In case of problems, the plant operator is immediately notified together with appropriate recommendations for action:

The measurement of the module temperature enables a precise and short-term calculation of the performance ratio. The module temperature has a great influence on the performance of the module. Wind, for example, can lower the temperature rapidly by 20°C - representing a performance difference of 8.8%!

By measuring the voltage, even the smallest deviation from the desired value is detected - and the error precisely identified. For every error has a unique electronic signature - PID has a different voltage profile to a defective diode.