Can SunSniffer deliver the same result as infrared thermography?

The common and well-proven way to inspect a PV plant for failures is infrared thermography. This method detects temperature differences. Heatings can point to errors, so this method can locate potential errors easily. Using drones for aerial inspection even accelerates and facilitates examination of a plant. IR images must be interpreted by experts, as heatings can also be caused by reflexions or bad ventilation. And the prerequisites, like weather conditions, need to be suitable for taking IR images. But: defects not only reveal themselves in changed temperature, but even more so in changed power – and even more precisely. Measuring the individual modules power can determine exactly, which module has how much power loss and needs to be swapped. This process being automated, no expert interpretation is needed. In a typical IR image all temperature differences are marked. But information about power losses is not available on IR. Assuming that you are not an expert: Does it help you decide about warranty cases, for example? If you cannot see the degree of power losses? How much are such images supporting you to manage plant issues, without expert comments?

We measure the power of each module every 30 seconds, so power losses are recognized instantly. SunSniffer® does not need to rely on assessments, SunSniffer® measures! Our artificial intelligence analyses the data and clearly recognizes errors. Additionally, we offer precise instructions of what needs to be done - swap the module, or change diodes,... But as we offer an integrated system, we even provide clear guidance through the respective repair processes, with clear instructions, and an App for on-site service including documentation functions.

IR is a helpful tool if you do not have SunSniffer®. But if you have an option the answer is clear: SunSniffer® not only cost you less than all IR tests over the lifespan of your plant, it gives you automatic and instant results - all the time. So SunSniffer® delivers even better results than IR!