Scientists or Consultants

Specially for scientific institutes, universities or any institution which needs further and deeper information, data and insights we offer even more precise (<0,1%) measurement options together with API accesses if wished. 

Information available is "raw data" from each module: voltage, power, temperature, and each string: voltage, current, power, and more

Additionally, power performance, electrical parameters and photoefficiency of each module. 
The data sheet validation shows the IV curve, maximum power, open circuit voltage, maximum powerpoint voltage, short circuit current and maximum power current of each module

Conduct your own analytics with an API access, using the raw data

Insights never seen before that way: receive profound analytics simply at the push of a button, like power performance, electrical parameters and photo-efficiency, for each module.

Scientific Package contains (for two strings):  
  • High Accuracy sensors or Retrofit Boxes
  • High Accuracy StringReader
  • Gateway Plus
  • Modem 
  • Pyranometer
  • Backsheet temperature measurement device
  • API access

And delivers: 
     →   30-second-interval module data
     →   10-second-interval irradiation data
     →   Condition-based monitoring through Artificial Intelligence
     →   Virtual Lab with Virtual Flasher