Can ROI be improved at no further costs?

Current state-of-the-art monitoring stops at the inverter or maybe string level. SunSniffer looks down til module level – to the same price as any other solution, being at 1 cent per Watt peak.
SunSniffer does not stop at the string level: we look deeper, down to each module. Thus it is possible to see any issue. 

This deep information provides actionability - no-one needs to be sent to the plant to check it for failures and further tests. 

A monitoring system is needed anyway - why not go one that offers so much more, at the same price as any other system? 

SunSniffer costs 1 cent (€) per Watt peak - PV module prices varied by 3 cent (€) in the last quarter: SunSniffer costs might not even be noticed! 

Is it really enough to know if the inverter works? 
Or wouldn't you rather want to know if all your modules are ok? 
We give you that answer, but not just in numbers - we give you clear and easily understandable values, so you can make your decisions based on extensive knowledge, being most cost-efficient!

Comparison: most plants are only monitored at inverter, some additionally at string level. This offers no insights on the modules‘ health status. SunSniffer offers information about every module, the plant can be managed better and with less resources, saving time and money – at the same cost of any other monitoring solution.