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O&M costs cut in half - and maximum yield


With automated PV plant analysis
on module level with measured data
and artificial intelligence



How can O&M costs
be cut in half?

In PV O&M, every 2nd Dollar is wasted. But not with SunSniffer. We see the quality of each module, and nothing stays in the dark. Thanks to AI, plant O&M has never been easier and more cost effective

What is the issue with inspection costs?

The costs of inspecting one module is equal or even higher than the cost of a new module.

SunSniffer offers a way of inspection at a fraction of the usual costs. 

Can ROI be improved
at no further costs?

Current state-of-the-art monitoring stops at the inverter or maybe string level.

SunSniffer reaches down til module level – to the same price as any other solution, being at 1 cent per Watt peak

What is so crucial about error finding – and NOT finding?

Losses accumulate.
Especially unnoticed losses can be skyrocketing!

Creeping degradation alone can add up to
more than 110,000 € after only 5 years*! 

Check our calculations: 

* 10 MW plant, 7 €-cent feed-in tariff, 1.500 target yield/year


Module data is the key - and Artificial Intelligence

Basis is the right data. Actionable data.

Module information like voltage, current and temperature is measured highly precise, by a low-cost sensor.

Measurement precision is essential; the more precise, the better the results:
How much is the plant soiled, and where? Is degradation surpassing manufacturers threshold, can warranty be claimed? Only precise measurements can be base for the answers. 


And the answers are delivered by artificial intelligence: with machine and deep learning even smallest deviations can be detected and patterns recognized. This leads to fully automated error-finding, fully automated ROI calculations and changes asset management completely: 

-   No time- and cost-intensive error search on-site

-   No unrecognized failures and yield losses

-   No hassle with warranty claims

+   Plant always running at its best possible

+   Reduced costs and enhanced yield

+   Prolonged life-time of plant

No more guessing, no more hoping: just KNOWING.

Insights never seen before - unique by SunSniffer

SunSniffer tells you all that, and much more...

Seeing is believing - convince yourself!

Equip one or two strings with SunSniffer

and see the magic for yourself