Photovoltaics is still an attractive investment. But most plants are 'black boxes': they function, but it is impossible to know how well - and whether problems exist. SunSniffer® provides all data of the plant including target/actual comparison and all (desired) error indications. The investment is sustainably secured, and can be managed efficiently.


Extensive plant valuations down to module level, any time and for individually selectable periods - only possible with SunSniffer®.

Comprehensibly edited reports at the push of a button, via an interface instantly available. Saves time - and money.


All plant data is remotely available, any time. The reliability of SunSniffer® technology is constantly verified by scientific cooperations. This facilitates report preparation considerably.


With the plant evaluations of SunSniffer® insurance companies can handle their cases easily and reliably and at the push of a button.


A completely different O&M with SunSniffer® saves time and money. All errors are identified remotely including precise exchange/repair instructions. Error thresholds are individually adjustable as needed. Service on-site is precise and swift, and technical expertise is no longer required.

This enables excellent customer service and differentiation in the market.


Warranty issues solved at the push of a button. Easy and fast without discussions. Modules are just replaced.


No worries about changing feed-in tariffs: permanent and module precise monitoring reduces fixed costs and increases yield.

The user-friendly Webportal provides the information easy to understand.