How can SunSniffer be used?


From the beginning…

The best option is to use modules with already integrated sensor. Or you can use our junction boxes - then you can use modules of your own choice.


You already have one or several plants? No problem at all: our technology is easily integrated afterwards as well. For this purpose you have multiple possibilities:

1. You just connect our String Readers to your strings.
→ That way you get an effective, reliable and cost-efficient string monitoring.

2. Additionally to the String Reader you connect our Retrofits to your modules.
→ For 100% transparency you can furnish every single module with a Retrofit. Or you retrofit only a certain number of modules, e.g. every second of a string, or 30% of the plant, etc.


Mobile use

Our Retrofits can be used mobile as well: e.g. for individual string testings, for localizing and identifying a known error. Or you can test the efficiency of the whole plant by measuring string after string.