100% SunSniffer® = 100% Transparency

What is SunSniffer?



How can SunSniffer be used?


From the beginning…


The best option is to use modules with already integrated sensor. Or you can use our junction boxes - then you can use modules of your own choice.




You already have one or several plants? No problem at all: our technology is easily integrated afterwards as well. For this purpose you have multiple possibilities:

1. You just connect our String Readers to your strings.
→ That way you get an effective, reliable and cost-efficient string monitoring.

2. Additionally to the String Reader you connect our Retrofits to your modules.
→ For 100% transparency you can furnish every single module with a Retrofit. Or you retrofit only a certain number of modules, e.g. every second of a string, or 30% of the plant, etc.

 Application strings

Mobile use

Our Retrofits can be used mobile as well: e.g. for individual string testings, for localizing and identifying a known error. Or you can test the efficiency of the whole plant by measuring string after string.





Why SunSniffer® pays for itself


Make some assumptions and you will see, SunSniffer® is an investment with its own interest rate.
Even with conservative assumptions SunSniffer® still makes the plant more
profitable. So it actually IS an investment itself, as you can see in the brief example calculation

In this example we assume the following:
- Plant size is 2 MW
- Yield per year is around 1,800 kWh/kWp
- Feed-in remuneration is $ 4.5 Cent per kWh
- O&M costs are around $ 8 per kWp on average
- SunSniffer hardware costs for that plant would be $ 42,385.
- A very conservative assumption of yield increase made by SunSniffer® would be 2%, and O&M cost reduction of 20%.

→ But even with this conservative assumption, the investment into SunSniffer®
would pay off after 6.6 years in this case - the point when additional profit starts to sum up.

→ Assuming a lifespan of 20 years, due to SunSniffer® the plant produces more than $ 128,000 additional gain!

→ Return on investment of SunSniffer® in this case is 15%!
Real ROI is much higher on SunSniffer® due to worst case assumptions here.

SunSniffer ROI calculation 


Please contact us for more detailed and personalized calculation, we calculate your values with your own figures!



Revolutionized O&M 


Our module precise remote monitoring system allows a complete different O&M:

1. Performance reductions are detected instantly 

2. It is immediately apparent, where the problem is located, and what kind of problem it is - remotely

Each module with defective diodes, PID, shadings or other problems is visualized in our Webportal. E.g. hot spots can be detected by drone flyovers with IR cameras as well, but SunSniffer® additionally offers precise and fully-automated analysis of this error.
Plant operators or installers receive comprehensive and easy to understand analysis of a plant, at home, in office or mobile, and can decide instantly on specific actions to be taken: clean a module now or later, change a module or just a diode, etc - without expensive on-site inspection by an expert. Work load and work time are reduced significantly. And: level of charges for our Webportal equals mere inverter portal charges.


Enhanced bankability


SunSniffer® offers precise status analysis of a plant. The essential part of a plant are its modules, and SunSniffer® controls them every 30 seconds, as well as strings and inverters. This leads to an overall picture of the plant which is optimal basis for risk management. Potential threats and deviations to target figures are recognised immediately.


Less costs + More yield


Detecting errors instantly enables fast correction and reduces downtime to a minimum. Unspecific maintenance services of the whole plant are superfluous, repairs can be conducted specifically and punctually as required. This saves costs. But additionally, SunSniffer® makes plants more efficient: each impairment can be avoided or remedied, the plant runs always at its optimum. Thresholds for alerts can be adjusted individually - to coordinate service efficient and only when needed. This ensures higher yield of 7% or more.


Security for the investment


With SunSniffer® the plant performs more efficiently and even the smallest threats are noticed and identified, like hot spots etc. The plant can be operated to its maximum potential over its whole lifespan. The investment is secured sustainably.


Module precise error finding


SunSniffer® measures temperature and voltage in a plant module precisely with a measurement deviation of <1% - more precise is hardly possible. Errors are analysed by an artificial intelligence which learns to recognise and identify even unknown errors. In our Webportal performance data and irregularities are displayed clearly and plainly, and in case of defects together with detailed solution or repair advice.


Exact short-term Performance Ratio


Together with current, voltage and temperature of each module, the modules individual flasher data feeds into the analysis. Our simulation engine is able to determine the exact target figure of each module. By determining the precise module temperature through measurement, falsifying influences like wind etc. can be subtracted. This enables determination of the plants performance ratio even for shortest periods of time.


Commercial evaluations


No technical jargon, no endless columns of figures, no specialist knowledge to be interpreted: with SunSniffer® the necessary information is provided according to the specific, individual requirements. You receive fast, comprehensive and reliable plant evaluations.


Specifiable interfaces


Interfaces can be defined specifically depending on the individual demands. Users can specify format as well as contents according to their needs and receive the wished data processed in the desired format at the push of a button.
Beginning of 2017 the NEC standard became effective in USA, corresponding interfaces have been specified - with SunSniffer® you are always a step ahead!






Photovoltaics is still an attractive investment. But most plants are 'black boxes': they function, but it is impossible to know how well - and whether problems exist. SunSniffer® provides all data of the plant including target/actual comparison and all (desired) error indications. The investment is sustainably secured, and can be managed efficiently.



Extensive plant valuations down to module level, any time and for individually selectable periods - only possible with SunSniffer®.
Comprehensibly edited reports at the push of a button, via an interface instantly available. Saves time - and money.




All plant data is remotely available, any time. The reliability of SunSniffer® technology is constantly verified by scientific cooperations. This facilitates report preparation considerably.



With the plant evaluations of SunSniffer® insurance companies can handle their cases easily and reliably and at the push of a button.




A completely different O&M with SunSniffer® saves time and money. All errors are identified remotely including precise exchange/repair instructions. Error thresholds are individually adjustable as needed. Service on-site is precise and swift, and technical expertise is no longer required.
This enables excellent customer service and differentiation in the market.



Warranty issues solved at the push of a button. Easy and fast without discussions. Modules are just replaced.




No worries about changing feed-in tariffs: permanent and module precise monitoring reduces fixed costs and increases yield.
The user-friendly Webportal provides the information easy to understand.



Whole plant at a glance? With SunSniffer®'s "Deep View" the functionality of each module is visible...


The biggest problem with PV plants: They may work, but you can never be sure how well. Power reducing errors - if noticed at all - must be searched, and this is time-consuming and expensive. In this way the operators not only loose yield, but the error-finding produces costs as well.
SunSniffer is different: we monitor the whole plant, including each single module! Without module monitoring you have no other option than visit the plant on-site in order to identify problems. Those plant inspections require appropriate weather conditions, appropriate qualification and equipment of the technician, etc
Our innovation is a pioneering technology. It lowers the major cost factors in the operation of a plant - maintenance, error detection and fault finding - and ensures through the continuous real-time monitoring of each module for a constant and optimal energy production and, even, increase. It is much cheaper than so-called "optimizers" and offers far more applications, safety and comfort. There is no comparable technology anywhere in the world. It is protected by patents in numerous countries worldwide and originates in Germany


Internet of Things

Our technology has heralded the Internet of Things in photovoltaics. "Monitoring 2.0" means: data ANALYSIS and the provision of clear instructions for non-techies. It means: finding each black sheep among the modules! This is exactly what our "SunSniffer®" is capable of. Allying a simulation engine with artificial intelligence, based on Big Data and a NoSQL database with unlimited data processing capacity enables the module to accurately detect and define not only errors, but also error patterns. So, at a glance and in real time, you are able, via our web portal remote monitoring, to see which module has which problem - and what needs to be done. It is no longer necessary to send an expensive technician for more time-consuming, and often inaccurate (!), troubleshooting. Nothing could be clearer or more simple. And our system is so brilliantly simple that the hardware costs are less than 1 cent / Wp* – which corresponds to one single IR-thermography of the plant, whereas we check all modules every minute.

* Depending on the size of a plant