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Our junction box RAPID SHUTDOWN not only combines high quality junction box with our unique monitoring system, but shuts the module down in complete accordance with the SunSpec Alliance specifications for the rapid shutdown requirements of NEC 2017.

SunSniffer® Rapid Shutdown de-energizes the plant in case of fire
Using SunSniffer® Rapid Stutdown allows an emergency shutdown of each individual module. This will be binding standard in USA from 2019 according to NEC 2017, but SunSniffer
® fulfills the criteria of these specifications already today. 

• Fires can be extinguished without any precautionary measures and without putting the fire fighters at risk
• Cost-effective solution directly in the junction box; standard certified junction boxes are available for a quick integration by module manufacturers
• Profitability of the plants remains guaranteed
• No additional cabling
... together with all benefits of the innovative SunSniffer® monitoring and analysis system.

That‘s how SunSniffer® Rapid Shutdown works
SunSniffer® Rapid Shutdown is an optional extension of the SunSniffer® Monitoring System. Switching off is performed by the SunSniffer® Rapid Shutdown sensor. The sensor is
integrated in the junction box of the module. In case of emergency the electrical current is cut off at its origin. 

The SunSniffer® Gateway continuously sends the signal ‚permission to operate‘ to the SunSniffer® sensors. 10 seconds after absence of this signal, the system switches to shutdown mode and de-energizes the complete system to risk free voltage for maximum safety.

Nonetheless, the sensors are able to provide enough standby power for powering up the system again and prevent it from deadlock. Transmission of the signal is carried through the normal DC cabling, additional cabling serving as communication lines is not necessary.

We can provide the junction box RAPID SHUTDOWN from two manufaturers at the moment: LEONI and QC Solar.

For the technical details please check the data sheets: Rapid Shutdown-Sensor; Rapid-Shutdown Retrofit box.
Or already integrated into junction boxes: JB-RSD LEONI - JB-RSD QC Solar.


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