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Own ROI of SunSniffer

Own ROI of SunSniffer





Why SunSniffer® pays for itself


Make some assumptions and you will see, SunSniffer® is an investment with its own interest rate.
Even with conservative assumptions SunSniffer® still makes the plant more
profitable. So it actually IS an investment itself, as you can see in the brief example calculation

In this example we assume the following:
- Plant size is 2 MW
- Yield per year is around 1,800 kWh/kWp
- Feed-in remuneration is $ 4.5 Cent per kWh
- O&M costs are around $ 8 per kWp on average
- SunSniffer hardware costs for that plant would be $ 42,385.
- A very conservative assumption of yield increase made by SunSniffer® would be 2%, and O&M cost reduction of 20%.

→ But even with this conservative assumption, the investment into SunSniffer®
would pay off after 6.6 years in this case - the point when additional profit starts to sum up.

→ Assuming a lifespan of 20 years, due to SunSniffer® the plant produces more than $ 128,000 additional gain!

→ Return on investment of SunSniffer® in this case is 15%!
Real ROI is much higher on SunSniffer® due to worst case assumptions here.

SunSniffer ROI calculation 


Please contact us for more detailed and personalized calculation, we calculate your values with your own figures!