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Our SunSniffer system comprises several hardware components and a complex software.

All our products are subject to strict and multi-leveled quality control, to ensure the functionality of our SunSniffer. Each component is checked online automatically. We can produce all over the world, as we control all steps of the processes online in Germany, and every single product is tracable.


Only with those elaborate efforts our extreme reliability and measurement accuracy is possible –
that's what we call quality!

SunSniffer Sensor

SunSniffer Retrofit Upgrade Clip

SunSniffer Retrofit Box

SunSniffer String Reader

SunSniffer Gateway <10kWp

SunSniffer Gateway


Our sensor is readily integrated into junction boxes as well, now even with rapid shutdown functionality:

SunSniffer junction box ANALYTICS

SunSniffer junction box RAPID SHUTDOWN

Our price list is available on request.

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Unsere Technologie ist prämiert und patentiert


Gemeinsam mit wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen
entwicklen wir unsere Technologie stetig weiter
und fördern die Forschung

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