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About us

About us



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Innovation and Sustainability – two buzzwordds of our time, most often used inflationary and meaningless. Not with us.

Thanks to the construction and operation of own PV plants we generated extensive expertise due to the experience gained. These we use to develop products, which improve the operation of PV plants sustainable.

When there are no devepments, you are in uncharted waters and have to think ahead - this we have done and with our SunSniffer developed the first veritable operating system for PV plants. Our SunSniffer reduces costs and ensures the plant runs at its optimum and as long as possible - which, with good care, can be decades. Decades of harvesting of solar energy for free!

With our SunSniffer we make an active contribution to the energy revolution and environment protection. Get involved - lets save the earth together!

Our technology is awarded and patented


Together with scientific institutions
We are constantly developing our technology
And promote research

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