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In our webinars, the SunSniffer technology is clearly explained. Take a look at our current videos and visit our future webinars live.
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If you have any questions regarding our technology or our sales channels, please do not hesitate to contact us! Or read the compilation of questions and answers, this will surely clarify a lot:
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Our technology is a pioneering technology and is developed with several scientific institutes. You can find the respective scientific papers here, or inform yourself about the latest findings in photovoltaics here.

SunSniffer allows you to reduce the cost of your business. Increase in income by 7% - or more .


Why is module monitoring really important?
Learn more about the "Black Box" solar system:


Our Hardware


Our hardware allows precise measurements of the module power, which can be an efficient problem analysis.

This saves the cost of personnel and complex plant investigations.

Internet of Things


With our technology, the Internet of Things has arrived in photovoltaics.

"Monitoring 2.0" means: DATA ANALYSIS and the provision of clear instructions for non-technicians.

It means: Finding each black sheep among the modules! This is exactly what our SunSniffer® is: What is SunSniffer?



Our technology is awarded and patented


Together with scientific institutions
we are constantly developing our technology
and promote research

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